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Permits, Ownership, and Planetary Stewardship

In a way, we don’t own our homes ... or this planet. We are just caretakers with the power to preserve the beauty around us and pass it on to the next generation.

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Building sacred space for a wedding

To celebrate a wedding held in the serene North Fork region of Colorado, we built a ceremonial space, a bagua, to amplify the natural energy of the locale and to bring harmony to our ceremony.

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Marvin Windows and Doors get an A+ rating

I have used Marvin products for at least 25 years. The evolution of their product line has led to unsurpassed aesthetic quality and function.

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Artist’s loft in barn restoration

My clients fell in love with a pre-civil war Colonial farmhouse and barn in Westchester County, New York. It was a bargain due to its poor condition and required major renovation, including converting the barn loft into an artist’s studio.

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The Craftsman: It takes one to know one

Quality, integrity, and honest work can be seen everywhere in life. We pass the products, these artisanal results of the craftsman’s care, on to the next generation, often-lasting decades.

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